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Cover Art Design:    PermanENT iNK

Cover Art Design: PermanENT iNK


It all started when...

Three young brothers from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro decided to embark on a journey having no idea where it would take them. Montrell Brooks, a poet/lyricist out of Clayton, NC had been performing at campus events while attending school. John Jenkins, musician/producer/writer out of Winston-Salem, NC, spent many hours in the music building of UNCG where he met Jordan Jones, a Durham native musician/producer/engineer/writer. After many jam sessions and good vibes, the 3 brothers decided to take it a step further and form what is now "PermanENT iNK MUSIC". With their most recent project, The Hood Adjacent, they provide many elements of music and art as they tell the story of their future. 

Their musical influences include Hip Hop, Poetry, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Rhythm & Blues, Doo-Wop, Reggae, Classical, and some elements of Gospel.

This group truly believes that if you keep God first, then everything will fall into place. 


Meet the founders of PermanENT iNk. Music!